Exciting news everyone… Mammy will be attending Law’s doggie day on Sunday July 9th. She will be onsite at the sanctuary from 12 to 4 to offer free dog training and welfare advice. She will also be giving a talk on how to choose your ideal adoption dog and the factors to be considered to ensure your perfect match. Please come along on the day with your dog and support a fantastic animal charity!

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Welcome to my blog!

Woof woof all, Welcome to my blog!!! In order to to make my posts easy to follow they will be divided into two categories- Dog Advice and Welfare Guide or "D.A.W.G." and Most Useful Training Tips or "M.U.T.T." Check me out... Continue Reading →

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D.A.W.G #17 Ear Cleaning

    Hi everyone, Please click here to see the latest on dog advice and welfare guidelines. This video will show you how to clean your dog's ears.

M.U.T.T #12 Teaching the “wait” command using the clicker

Hi everyone, Our latest training video is how to teach your doggie to wait on command. This is a very useful command for us to know in a number of situations such as - Veterinary examinations - Grooming sessions and health checks... Continue Reading →

D.A.W.G #16 SPEAKING DOG (Part two)

Hi everyone, Here is part 2 of our latest installment on speaking dog! HACKLE RAISING You have probably all seen a doggie raising its hackles from time to time in different situations without even realising it but what is hackle... Continue Reading →

D.A.W.G #15 SPEAKING DOG (Part One)

Hi everyone, I am going to teach you how to speak dog! Signals of stress Hi everyone, this series of posts are particularly important because many humans don't know how to read what their doggie is trying to tell them... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Halloween can be a fun time of year for people but not so much for us doggies. Loud unexplained noises such as bangers and fireworks can really frighten us. This is because although humans know there is no... Continue Reading →


Hi everybody, Here is a link to see me getting my teeth brushed! WHY BRUSH YOUR DOG'S TEETH? Like humans us doggies accumulate a build up of plaque and tarter on our teeth. Regular brushing helps to reduce this build... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, This link is a video which will teach you how to ask your doggie to go into a down. This is useful in so many situations whether it's in the car or at home or just when you... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Here is the second part to the lead training videos. This video will teach you to teach your doggie not to pull and to walk nicely alongside you. It will require lots of patience and repetitions so... Continue Reading →

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