So why give a rescue doggies like me a home and why is there an adoption fee to take me home??

1. Rescues all over the country are full to overflowing with dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes so there will definitely be a dog to suit your needs.

2. Rescuing ensures the dog you are about to adopt has come from a place which puts its welfare as the number one priority as opposed to how much money they will make for the owner/breeder. There are hundreds of puppies like me sold on the internet every day and sadly no one will ever know the kind of life their fur mammies have!! Puppy farming or puppy mills as they are also called focus on producing as many puppies as possible with little or no regard for the mental and physical health of the hard working mammies who make their greedy owners wealthy by producing endless litters of puppies. I will never know what happened to my mammy but I hope in my heart she is safe and well.

3. Rescuing will help to free up badly needed space for other dogs in need at a shelter. Some dogs may be on death-row at the pound, others may be waiting to be surrendered and others may have been dumped to fend for themselves like I was

4. Rescue dogs will be eternally grateful for the love and care you can provide

So you might ask yourself why there is a fee for adoption. I costed 130e to adopt at Limerick Animal Welfare. This may sound like a lot but it really isn’t considering what this cost covers

1. Vaccination
2.Flea and Worm treatment
3. Neutering or spaying- (Mammy tells me I am going to be neutered when I am eight months old! I wonder what that is all about, I hope it’s fun!!)
4. Microchipping
5. In the case of abused or neglected animals additional medical care will have been provided prior to adoption to ensure your new best friend is healthy

Remember your adoption fee helps to enable shelters to rescue other dogs just like me

Benjy 🐾

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