Woof woof all,
Welcome to my first advice post!!!
In order to to make them easy to follow they will be divided into two categories- Dog advice and welfare guide or “DAWG” and Most useful training tips or “MUTT”

With that in mind here is DAWG # 1
Choosing your perfect rescue companion
There is a lot to consider when thinking of adopting a rescue doggie like me! I know I look very cute and cuddly but huge commitment and responsibility is involved when adopting a rescue.

Before you visit an animal shelter, ask yourself the following:
1. Lifestyle- What does your daily routine involve? e.g active or sedentary
2.Other family members- Are there children in your home and if so are they old enough to understand doggie dos and donts. Are there other pets in your home and will they tolerate a new arrival like me?
3. Coat type- Can you fulfill the grooming requirements of various coats. i.e dogs with long/thick coats, wire coated dogs etc and if not are you prepared to incur the cost of professional grooming? My coat is short so it is easy for me to look well groomed but beware I like to shed hairs all over your house and your lap when you cuddle me! For this reason regular brushing is essential
4. Size- What size would most suit your lifestyle and living arrangements? Can you provide a safe, secure indoor and outdoor environment for the size of dog you may choose?
5. Age and gender- Do you want a puppy, adult or senior dog? Do you want a male or female?
6.Temperament- Do you want an outgoing friendly dog or are you experienced enough to take on a dog who may need some extra TLC and training?
7. Cost- Are you ready to commit to the ongoing costs a dog incurs. Dogs will need a healthy diet, regular worming, flea treament, vaccination and medical care if necessary.

They will also need equipment such as a bed, a lead and collar, toys, and identification tag to name a few.

These are the most basic questions you must ponder before your visit to my rescue buddies because once you see us eagerly looking up at you with our puppy dog eyes you will want to take us all home!!!