Hi everyone,

Here is part 2 on how to feed your canine companions!

There are so many different types of diets on the market today it is difficult to know which one is the best.
There is so much info but below are some of the basics, we’v tried to keep it short as possible 😬😬

-Whether it be tins, trays or pouches wet food is generally low in nutritional value and has a high water content (typically 80%) even though we doggies love the taste (the same way people love unhealthy fast food)

– Good quality wet foods can be used for elderly dogs with little or no teeth, underweight dogs or convalescing dogs. It’s also good for sneaking those yucky meds and worming tablets!!
-Cheap foods both wet and dry contain “meat and animal derivatives”
This is a loose term which gives the supplier license to include any animal product including hoofs, hair, bone and feet!

-Wet food doesn’t have a cleaning effect on the teeth the way dry food does due to its texture

-Feeding wet food can make us very fussy eaters and is not necessary as an addition to good quality dry food so is a waste of money

– It can give us very soft and foul smelling poops!!!

These diets are prepared in the home with raw ingredients so are considered to be a more natural diet and thus healthier
– An excellent knowledge of canine nutrition is needed to provide meals which are nutritionally balanced

-Time consuming and expensive as all ingredients need to be bought and prepared fresh

This is probably the most popular choice for dog owners nowadays as good quality dry food is complete and nutritionally balanced taking the worry away for owners. The downside is that it is a processed product and can be a bit dry which is why fresh water should
always be made available! In addition some water can be poured over the kibbles

Below are a few tips for buying dry food..

-Avoid all supermarket brands and mixers as they contain high levels of sugar, salt, preservatives and meat and animal derivatives. “Derivatives of vegetable origin” is also one to avoid and in a lot of popular supermarket brands. Head to your local pet store for a selection of good quality dry foods

-Look for a dry food with meat such as chicken or lamb as the first or second ingredient. Avoid foods which claim meat and animal derivatives as an ingredient.

-Avoid dry food with different colour kibbles. There are colourings added to make them look like this and us doggies don’t care what the food looks like as long as it tastes good!

-Choose premium or super premium brands. They cost more but you have to feed less as they are more nutritionally dense so last longer and reduce quantity of poops! They also improve the odour of our poop!
The following link is a fantastic independently based website where you can type in the food your dog is on or the food you hope to buy and figure out exactly how good it is and what is


If anyone would like a specific recommendation or any advice on nutrition for their dog please leave a comment below or private msg and Mammy will be happy to help!
Choosing the right nutrition will pave the way for a long healthy life with less trips to the vet..

Benjy 🐾