Hi everyone,

so I went for neuter yesterday. I was scared but mammy assured me everything would be ok and that she would be back to give me loads of snuggles!

So what is the difference between neutering and spaying??
Neutering refers to the removal of the males testicles whilst spaying refers to the complete removal of the female reproductive tract.

So why is neutering so important and why should every doggie like me be neutered??

-Prevents unwanted litters of puppies
-Stops the bitch coming into heat and thus wandering (This happens twice yearly lasting around 3 weeks from the time bleeding starts. Owners must be extra vigilant and keep the bitch in a secure enclosure as they will try to escape to breed)
-Prevents cancers of the female reproductive system

-Prevents unwanted litters of puppies
-Helps prevent roaming
-Can help curb certain behaviours such as aggression towards other males and excessive scent marking including indoors
-Prevents testicular cancer

Neutering and spaying should take place no earlier than 6-8 months in males and no earlier than 8-9 months in females.

It may seem like a cruel thing to do but with thousands off dogs dying every day because there are no homes for them it is so important that our pet doggies aren’t adding to this problem by having accidental litters!

I already feel much better today

Love and licks
Benjy 🐾