Hi everyone,

Halloween can be a fun time of year for people but not so much for us doggies. Loud unexplained noises such as bangers and fireworks can really frighten us. This is because although humans know there is no danger you cannot explain that to us.
There are however things you can do to help keep us calm and relaxed this Halloween….

– Never leave us outside on Halloween night, we may become terrified and escape even a normally secure back garden
– Play the tv or radio very loud to drown out external noise
-Provide us with a safe dark place we can hide such as a cardboard box or crate with a blanket draped over it
– Give us our favorite toys or treats such as stuffed kongs or interactive toys which will help keep our minds occupied
– Have a play session indoors with us to distract us
-Feed and exercise us before dark. This will encourage us to sleep when we have a full belly and are tired

– Panting
-Lip licking
-Pacing and restlessness
– Whimpering
– Tail clamped under body
– Showing whites of the eyes
-Urination or defecation indoors
– Any other behaviour which does not seem usual

It may be difficult but try not to react too much if your doggie shows stress. If you become worried by fussing over us we will think that there is something to be worried about. Instead, try some of the above steps to distract us.

Pet stores also sell a variety of calming aids such as sprays and body wraps which can help in reducing stress and anxiety in severe cases

Following the above steps will help to ensure our Halloween is happy too
Benjy 🐾