Hi everyone,

Guess what! I am getting my adult teeth! As you can see from the picture below the adult teeth are the thicker ones and the baby tooth is the curved sharper one. This will soon be loosened and pushed out to make way for my full adult set.

Teething is a painful time for us the same way it is for human babies as the adult teeth need to loosen the baby teeth and cut the gums aswell. For this reason destructive chewing may develop around this time as we try to ease the discomfort by biting down on things.
We have a full set of baby teeth by 8 weeks but only keep these for a month. Our adult teeth are usually fully in place by the time we are 8 months old. Care must be taken to make sure all our baby teeth have fallen out correctly as any retained baby teeth will decay if not removed by the vet.

Here are some tips to deal with teething and destructive chewing

1. Provide toys specifically designed for teething. Kong and Nylabone have a fantastic range of toys for puppies. I love to chew on my ones! Try to have a number of various toys that can be rotated to reduce boredom with one particular toy. Filling a Kong with moistened kibble and freezing it overnight is great for soothing gums as it is cold and can be bitten down on. Freezing a carrot is also a healthy treat. Below are some examples of good teething toys.

2. If destructive chewing is observed use the word no and provide a suitable alternative to re focus chewing behaviour. A food delivery toy such as a stuffed Kong will be more effective at diverting interest away than a regular toy due to the food reward. Special anti chew spray can be bought for use on skirting boards, legs of table and chairs etc which has a bitter taste to deter chewing.

3. Never leave a teething puppy unsupervised in a room where valuable items we are likely to chew live. Crating us with some interesting chew toys when we can’t be supervised will help teach us to focus our chewing behaviour on suitable toys as opposed to skirting boards,legs of tables and chairs, wires, shoes, people’s fingers or your favourite pair of socks!!

For the most part destructive chewing is just a phase. We don’t mean to but we don’t know how to distinguish between what we can and can’t chew unless you teach us!!

Benjy 🐾