Hello everyone hope you have all had a great Saint Patrick’s day!

I have been a bit naughty today and chewed one of the cushions up on the couch. I tried to explain that it just exploded first but no one would believe me so then I claimed that the cushion started it which I seemed to get away with!
That will teach the humans not to pay attention to me all the time!!


Us puppies are always up to mischief. It’s how we interact with our environment. However there are nasties in the environment that can make us sick and uncomfortable. For this reason we must receive regular treatments for worms and fleas. We must also receive regular vaccination from the vet.

Regular de worming and flea treatments should prevent parasitic infestation. Puppies should be wormed monthly until they are 6 months old from 3 weeks old onwards and adult dogs should be wormed every 3 months. Check the brand you are buying as not all brands kill all types of worms. In general flea treatments should be done monthly in the spring and summer months and every three months in Autumn and Winter. Below are some pictures of the ugly things!!!

But don’t worry fleas are not actually that size in real life

Benjy 🐾

Both puppies and adult dogs need to be vaccinated. Many vets differ in their vaccination of puppies as some will recommend two and some three at four week intervals commencing at 6 to 7 weeks followed by a booster at 12 months. With dogs most vets recommended adult dogs be given a booster yearly although there is a divided opinion on this in recent years

Vaccines protect against the following

Other vaccines such as kennel cough and rabies are only necessary if the dog is going to be staying at a boarding facility with a number of other dogs (KC) or travelling to another country (Rabies)