Splish splash iv had my first bath!!

1. Start at the back end and feet when wetting the coat to allow us to get used to the feeling and temperature of the water which should not be too hot. Wet the coat all over

2. Apply shampoo and lather avoiding eyes and ears. Human shampoo is NOT suitable for us doggies. Pick a suitable dog shampoo for your dogs coat available at all good pet stores

3. Rinse thoroughly to avoid potential skin irritation from shampoo residue in the coat. Water should run clear and when you rub your fingers along the coat there should be a “squeaky” sound.

4. Towel dry and follow with a treat so we know bath time is fun! If your dog is particularly nervous of being washed get someone to hand feed treats or some dry food to form a positive association with bath time. Food makes everything better!!

5. Place in a warm room to dry to avoid a chill or carefully use the hair dryer on a low heat setting if your dog isn’t afraid of it.

6. Don’t over bathe. It can strip our coat of its natural oils and affect its ability to repel water! I smelled like cow poop after today’s adventures so had to have a wash in time for cuddles!


Love and licks