Yippee!! Look what finally arrived, my very own ID tag!

ID tags are invaluable if we go missing. They allow the person who finds us to make contact with the owner so we can get home as fast as possible!
Dogs should wear a tag at all times when outside the home. This includes the back garden as we do sometimes escape!!

The following information should be put on tags:
– The dogs name (This will help a potential finder to catch and reassure the dog)
– 2 phone numbers (in case one person doesn’t answer)

Optional information
Neutered (to deter thieves)

For safety never put your address on a tag
Tags can be ordered online or bought at your local pet store

ID tags are our voice when we get lost to get us home safely to our family. They are only a few euro to purchase so please give us our best chance to get home safely!

Benjy 🐾