Hi everyone, my mammy uses a clicker to train my behaviours so you will see it being used a lot once the training videos are uploaded. It is a modern ethical way to train us doggies because it is based on positive reinforcement.

So what the heck is it and why use it??

A clicker is a training aid used to mark a desired behaviour by pressing it at the exact moment the behaviour occurs.
The clicker is more effective than just using praise because the sound is consistent, and unlike any other noise in our environment. It is also precise as can be pressed the exact moment we do the desired behaviour.
I know the click means i have done well because i always receive a reward after hearing it. This is where the positive reinforcement part comes in!

It will make sense once you see me in action. I have learned all sorts of important things with my clicker!!
They only cost a few euro at a pet store and are invaluable in the training process!
So stay tuned for more info!!

Benjy 🐾