Hi everyone,

My name is Benjy and I am a rescue puppy!! I was found dumped in a box along with my sister and brothers. We were left to fend for ourselves on a cold winter night. Luckily for us the kind people at Limerick Animal Welfare took us in and provided us with food, warmth, shelter, love and medicine. In no time we all found loving homes. (How could I not with that face!!)
My mammy says I was very lucky as so many doggies out there are being neglected and not treated the way they deserve to be. Now that I am starting my big adventure called life I want to help out all my rescue buddies by providing information and sharing experiences with both new and prospective Mammys and Daddys about how best to look after their new family member.

I hope you will join me on my adventure, stay tuned
Love and licks